Member-led forum contact

Member-led Forums (MLFs) are a volunteer-driven division of Commonwealth Club programming. These forums cover a variety of topics, and they range in format from discussions with speakers to art shows to book discussion groups. MLFs are volunteer-run, organized by Club members who coordinate and produce programs within specific areas of interest. Below you will find contact information for each forum chair; click on the forum's name to learn more about each specific forum.

Member-led Forum Chair
Dr. Carol Fleming

The Arts Forum Co-Chairs
Anne W. Smith

Robert Melton 

Asia-Pacific Affairs Forum Chair
Kalidip Choudhury 

Asia-Pacific Affairs Forum Vice-Chair
Lillian Nakagawa

Business & Leadership Forum Chair
Elizabeth Carney

Grownups Forum Chair
Denise Michaud 

Health & Medicine Forum Chair
Robert Lee Kilpatrick 

Humanities Forum Chair
George C. Hammond

International Relations Forum Chair
Linda Calhoun

International Relations Forum Vice Chair
Frank Price 

Middle East Forum Chair
Celia Menczel

Nutrition, Food and Wellness Forum Chair
Patty James 

Nutrition, Food and Wellness Forum Vice Chair
Bill Grant 

People and Nature Chair
Andrew Dudley 

Personal Growth Forum Chair
Eric Siegel

Psychology Forum Chair
Patrick O'Reilly

Reading Californians Book Club Chair
Kalena Gregory

Reading Californians Book Club Vice Chair
Diane Poryes 

Social Impact Chair
Ian McCuaig

Technology & Society Forum Chair
Gerald Harris

Technology & Society Forum Vice Chair
Blake White 

MLF Organizers Only

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