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Member-led Forums (MLFs) are a volunteer-driven division of Commonwealth Club programming. These diverse and timely programs cover a wide range of topics on an ongoing basis throughout the year. They range from large events to intimate discussions with speakers, from art shows and restaurant visits to book discussion groups. MLFs are volunteer-run, organized by Club members who coordinate programs within specific areas of interest.

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Health & Medicine

The Health & Medicine forum showcases experts, researchers, policy makers, and medical professionals on topics related to health and wellness, medical science, end-of-life care, public policy, and health-care management. Recent speakers have included leading medical researchers, physicians, government officials, best-selling authors, and health-care entrepreneurs.

Image - William B. Grant
"Starting in 1996, I turned my attention to how to maintain health and reduce the risk of diseases. In 2004, I formed Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center ( as the base for my research and education efforts. I have many publications on the relationship between diet and solar UVB exposure/vitamin D and risk of various chronic and infectious diseases. I volunteered to chair the Health & Medicine Forum more than 10 years ago in order to organize programs on maintaining health and treating disease for the benefit of the Commonwealth Club community."
Forum Chair Name
William B. Grant
Image - Patty James
"I am director of Nutrition and Culinary for NutriCern. We have built a knowledge base that ties food to disease prevention and management through constituent primary and secondary metabolites and associated cellular pathways.
"I earned my Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition, I am Natural Chef and was the founder and director of The Patty James Cooking School & Nutrition Center, the first certified organic cooking school in the United States. I founded the nonprofit DirectionFive Health, a culinary and nutrition program for kids, and have worked with the homeless population and our veterans, improving their health through nutrition and culinary skills."
Forum Chair Name
Patty James