Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of The Commonwealth Club reflects the strong commitment among Bay Area leaders to the Club's public affairs role. Members of the board are affiliated with a wide variety of business and civic organizations.

Board members oversee the Club's activities through a number of committees, working closely with the president and CEO and the Club's staff.

The board chair serves for two years. Martha C. Ryan is the current chair of the Board of Governors. The board is comprised of 51 members. Past presidents and past chairs of the Club's board also sit on the board as voting members for three years following their leadership tenure, then for life as nonvoting members of the board.

Board Leadership

Board Chair

Martha C. Ryan
Co-founder, Daric, Inc.

Board Vice Chair

John Boland
President Emeritus, KQED


John Boland
President Emeritus, KQED


John Farmer
Retired General Partner, Goldman Sachs & Co.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Gloria C. Duffy
The Commonwealth Club of California

Board of Governors

Robert E. Adams
Co-Founder and CTO, Effodio, Inc. 

Willie Adams
President, International Longshore and Warehouse Union; Vice President, The San Francisco Port Commission

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist, Bank of the West 

Dan Ashley
Anchor, ABC7 News

Dr. Mary G. F. Bitterman (Past Board Chair)
President, The Bernard Osher Foundation

Claudine Cheng

David Chun
CEO, Equilar

Charles M. Collins
President Emeritus, YMCA of San Francisco

Susie Cranston
COO, First Republic Bank 

Dr. Kerry P. Curtis
Professor Emeritus, Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University

Dorian Daley
Executive Vice President (Retired), General Counsel and Secretary, Oracle Corporation

Evelyn Dilsaver (Past Board Chair)
Independent Board Director 

Joseph I. Epstein (Past Board President)
President, Sierra Steel Trading LLC

Jeffrey A. Farber
CEO, Koret Foundation

Dr. Carol A. Fleming
Principal, The Sound of Your Voice

Leslie Saul Garvin
Associate Director of Program Development in Executive Education, Stanford University Graduate School of Business 

Gerald Harris
President, Quantum Planning Group 

Peter Hill
Executive Chairman, Bailard

Mary Huss
Publisher, San Francisco Business Times

Michael Isip
President, KQED

Nora James
Vice Chair, National Trust for the Humanities 

Dr. Robert Lee Kilpatrick
Ph.D., Chief Strategic Development Officer, Phenome Health 

Alexis Krivkovich
Senior Partner, McKinsey 

David Leimsieder
Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Lenny Mendonca
Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company

Michelle Meow
Producer and Host, "The Michelle Meow Show"

Anna W.M. Mok
Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

DJ Patil
Head of Technology, Devoted Health 

Ken Petrilla
Board Member and Treasurer, Gruber Family Foundation 

Skip Rhodes (Past Board President)
President, Skip Rhodes and Associates LLC

George D. Smith Jr.
President and Publisher, Signature Books

David Spencer
Founder, SenSpa

James Strother
Senior Executive VP and General Counsel (retired), Wells Fargo & Company

Hon. Tad Taube
Founder and Chairman, Taube Investments; Founder and Chairman, Taube Philanthropies; Honorary Consul, Poland

Don Wen
Operations Leader, PwC’s Private Company Services

Dr. Colleen B. Wilcox
Former Superintendent of Schools, Santa Clara County; Colleen Wilcox Sculpture 

Brenda Wright
Principal, Brenda Wright, LLC 

Mark Zitter
Chair, The Zetema Project

Past Board Chairs and Presidents

* Past Chair
** Past President

Dr. Mary G. F. Bitterman*
J. Dennis Bonney**
Maryles Casto*
Hon. Ming Chin**
Mary B. Cranston*
Joseph I. Epstein**
John Farmer*
Rose Guilbault*
Claude B. Hutchison Jr.**
Anna W.M. Mok*
Richard Otter**
Joseph Perrelli**
Toni Rembe**
Victor J. Revenko**
Skip Rhodes**
Renée Rubin**
Richard Rubin*
Connie Shapiro**
Nelson Weller**
Judith Wilbur**
Dennis Wu**