Member and Guest Policy

"My conception of a public service club is a body whose members shall have entire confidence in each other’s regard for the public welfare, however diverse their views of obtaining it—their views, in fact, being as diverse as possible in order that no point of view may be missed."
–Edward F. Adams, Founder of The Commonwealth Club, 1903

The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's premier public forum and the oldest major cultural institution in San Francisco. The Club embodies the democratic values of free and open debate and was founded in 1903 as a public service club. The Commonwealth Club thrives today as a hub of social, intellectual and educational interaction in the Bay Area.

As stated in our founding charter, those attending Commonwealth Club events and utilizing its facilities will respect the rights and dignity of others. We do not permit language or any action that might hurt or frighten another person. The Club’s staff and volunteers are committed to treating members and guests with respect; we appreciate you treating the Club, its staff, volunteers and other guests with courtesy and respect at all times.

Identification and Ticketing
Members and guests are required to check in at the front desk and receive a ticket for each event they would like to attend. We ask that members and guests identify themselves to staff when asked and be able to produce identification upon request. 

Club staff members and volunteers are eager to be of assistance to all of our attendees. Members and guests should not hesitate to ask a staff member or volunteer if any assistance is needed.

Safety and Security

The Commonwealth Club is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guests. To promote the well-being of all, we ask individuals to follow all safety instructions.

For some controversial programs or speakers, we may have additional security procedures on-site. These will be noted in advance.

Membership Privileges
The Commonwealth Club reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person for any reason. Suspension or termination of Club membership privileges may result from a violation of the Club's Member and Guest Policy.