Corporate Membership

Be a champion of community engagement. Since its inception, The Commonwealth Club has fostered a community of bright, intriguing and thoughtful individuals. The Club’s Corporate Membership provides your employees with learning and development opportunities year-round as well as opportunities to network with other business leaders and peers around the Bay Area. Being a member means being more educated, more informed and more engaged in the world around you!


Membership Level # of Memberships # of Leadership Circle Members Total Cost Valued At
Gold 250 7 $30,000 $39,000
Silver 150 6 $18,000 $25,500
Bronze 75 5 $9,000 $14,750
Sage 50 4 $6,000 $10,500
Scholar 25 3 $3,000 $6,250
Academic 10 2 $1,200 $3,300
* Leadership Circle Memberships are included in the total number of memberships
** Leadership Circle Members receive invitations to bi-monthly VIP receptions with panelists and speakers

Each membership level includes a specified number of individual memberships, valued at $135. Each member receives:

  • 48-hours advance notice to popular programs
  • Discounts up to 60% on ticket prices
  • Exclusive access to members-only events
  • No charge at free-for-member events

Corporate members also receive:

Please contact Michelle D'Alo, vice president of development, at (408) 684-5809 or with any questions and to purchase your corporate membership.