Each week, The Commonwealth Club's radio programs bring important and interesting speakers to audiences across the country. Our program is the oldest continuous radio program in the United States. You can hear the Club on more than 230 public and commercial stations throughout the country. Please bookmark this page and check back often; broadcast topics and dates may change.

Radio Stations: We would love to add you to our national network of stations. If you would like to air The Commonwealth Club radio program, please contact us.

The Club has four different radio program feeds:

  • KQED (88.5 FM in San Francisco) Fridays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 2 a.m.

  • KALW (91.7 FM in San Francisco) Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

  • Silicon Valley: KLIV (1590 AM in San Jose) Mondays at 11 p.m.

  • KRCB (91 FM in Rohnert Park) Sundays at 9 p.m.


Radio Schedule for KQED 88.5 FM in San Francisco and the National Feed:

The content listed below airs on KQED Radio 88.5 FM in San Francisco as well as on more than 230 radio stations nationwide and via podcast and CD.

All Commonwealth Club broadcasts on KQED 88.5 FM air on Friday evenings at 8 p.m.

KQED Broadcast Date

Available for National Broadcast


Recording Date

Friday, August 3 Friday, August 10 Ben Rhodes: National Security Under Obama June 25, 2018
Friday, August 10 Friday, August 17 CNN’s David Gergen: Where Is America Headed? July 24, 2018
Friday, August 17 Friday, August 24 Sean Spicer: The Briefing August 2, 2018
Friday, August 24 Friday, August 31 Founding, Funding and Fatherhood with Alexis Ohanian July 25, 2018
Friday, August 31 Friday, September 7 Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma July 25, 2018
Friday, September 7 Friday, September 14 Greg Gutfeld August 14, 2018
Friday, September 14 Friday, September 21 National Security and Climate Change July 14, 2018
Friday, September 21 Friday, September 28 John Hope Bryant: The Path to Financial Liberation  February 27, 2018
Friday, September 28 Friday, October 5 A Guide to Innovation with Beth Comstock  September 20, 2018
Friday, October 5 Friday, October 12 Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now September 5, 2018
Friday, October 12 Friday, October 19 John Kerry, Former U.S. Secretary of State September 13, 2018
Friday, October 19 Friday, October 26 April Ryan: Under Fire in the Trump White House October 1, 2018
Friday, October 26 Friday, November 2 Juan Williams: The War on Civil Rights September 27, 2018


Radio Schedule for Silicon Valley:

The content listed below airs on KLIV Radio 1590 AM in San Jose. Most of the programs we run on KLIV are produced by the Club's Silicon Valley office in San Jose.

All Commonwealth Club broadcasts on KLIV 1590 AM air on Mondays at 11 p.m.

Broadcast Date


Recording Date

Monday, August 6 49ers Assistant Coach Katie Sowers July 17, 2018
Monday, August 13 California Attorney General Xavier Becerra July 12, 2018
Monday, August 20 Andy Weir: Best-Selling Author of "The Martian" and "Artemis" July 31, 2018
Monday, August 27 State of Resistance: What California's Dizzying Descent and Remarkable Resurgence Mean for America's Future August 13, 2018
Monday, September 3 Assemblymember Evan Low: The Michelle Meow Show August 2, 2018
Monday, September 10 Janet Napolitano and Dr. Lucy Jones: Reducing the Risk from Natural Disasters August, 21, 2018
Monday, September 17 Former Congressman Steve Israel: Guns, Politics and the Future of the Democrats  August 30, 2018
Monday, September 24 Mark Leibovich: Inside the NFL in Dangerous Times September 11, 2018
Monday, October 1 John Kerry, Former U.S. Secretary of State September 13, 2018
Monday, October 8 Kai Fu Lee: AI Superpowers September 26, 2018
Monday, October 15 Doris Kearns Goodwin: Leadership in Turbulent Times October 2, 2018
Monday, October 22 John Hennessy: Why Leading Matters  September 27, 2018
Monday, October 28 John Chambers: Lessons for Leadership in a Startup World October 10, 2018


Radio Schedule for KRCB 91-FM in Rohnert Park:

Content listed below airs on KRCB Radio 91 FM in Rohnert Park. KRCB airs Climate One programs only. Climate One is a division of The Commonwealth Club that focuses on climate change issues.

All Commonwealth Club broadcasts on KRCB 91 FM air Sunday evenings at 9 p.m.

Broadcast Date


Recording Date

Sunday, August 5 The New Surf and Turf  July 19, 2018
Sunday, August 12 California Greenin': Shaping America's Environment July 24, 2018
Sunday, August 19 A Conversation with Leon Panetta  July 17, 2018
Sunday, August 26 Permanently Temporary: Living With Rising Seas August 24, 2018
Sunday, September 2 Carbon Captives August 2, 2018
Sunday, September 9 Climate Gentrification August 14, 2018
Sunday, September 16 Farm to Table 2.0 August 23, 2018
Sunday, September 23 The World on Fire August 11, 2018
Sunday, September 30 Let's Talk Climate Solutions August 23, 2018
Sunday, October 7 Mindfulness and Climate Change October 16, 2018
Sunday, October 14 Obama and Quayle White House Press Secretaries On Politics & Burgers tba 
Sunday, October 21 Will China Save the Planet tba
Sunday, October 28 Arlie Hochschild and Eliza Griswold: Tales of Prosperity and Paradox tba 


Radio Schedule for KALW 91.7 FM in San Francisco:

Content listed below airs on KALW Radio 91.7 FM in San Francisco. The Commonwealth Club's Inforum division broadcasts its events on KALW.

All Commonwealth Club broadcasts on KALW 91.7 FM air Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m.; however, they do not air every single week. Refer to the dates listed below.

Broadcast Date


Recording Date

Tuesday, August 7 Founding, Funding and Fatherhood with Alexis Ohanian July 25, 2018
Tuesday, August 21 California and Midterm Elections 2018 with The New York Times June 27, 2018
Tuesday, September 4 The Heart of the Mission: Food, Community and Commerce August 27, 2018
Tuesday, September 11 Going Outside the Wire with Jason Kander  August 15, 2018
Tuesday, September 18 Building Citizens and Civic Leaders from the Ground Up September 6, 2018
Tuesday, October 2 DeRay Mckesson on the Other Side of Freedom  September 18, 2018
LIVE; Thursday, October 11 Left, Right, & Center Live: Decisions, Decisions, Presented by INFORUM October 11, 2018
Tuesday, October 16 Rebecca Traister and Alicia Garza: Good and Mad Women October 9, 2018
Tuesday, October 30 Shane Bauer: The Business of Prison October 8, 2018