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Member-led Forums (MLFs) are a volunteer-driven division of Commonwealth Club programming. These diverse and timely programs cover a wide range of topics on an ongoing basis throughout the year. They range from large events to intimate discussions with speakers, from art shows and restaurant visits to book discussion groups. MLFs are volunteer-run, organized by Club members who coordinate programs within specific areas of interest.

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The Commonwealth Club Psychology Forum arranges presentations that focus on psychology, psychiatry, and sociology. We define this broadly and have hosted such disparate speakers as actor Mike Farrell speaking about the inequities of the death penalty, Country Joe McDonald speaking (and performing) on the power of music to emotionally enrich and inspire, and Philip Zimbardo on the harmful effects of social media to adolescents. We have also hosted talks on the opiate crisis, transgender issues, the negative effects of conversion therapy, psychological tools for survivors of cancer, gang culture, teen suicide, a scientific critique of Freudian psychotherapy, the tools of undue influence, overcoming fear of public speaking, and pseudo psychotherapy to name only a few. We welcome anyone interested in psychology to join us. If you have a speaker in mind, please let us know and consider joining the Psychology forum.

Image - Patrick O'Reilly
Patrick O'Reilly is the chair of the Club's Psychology member-led forum.
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Patrick O'Reilly