I am so grateful that the Club offers travel opportunities as part of its mission to educate and inform!
Nanette Stringer, Commonwealth Club Traveler

Upcoming Trips

May 25 - Jun 5, 2020

Enjoy an active walking tour amid France’s idyllic landscapes of the Dordogne and Loire valleys. See the towering cliffs of La Roque Gageac and discover the medieval town of Sarlat. Marvel at the painted Lascaux Caves. Enjoy local French wine and cuisine and Loire Valley gardens. Learn about the sparkling wines of the region.

approximately $5,895 per person, double occupancy
May 30 - Jun 7, 2020

Journey to Scotland’s Orkney and Shetland Islands and Norway’s majestic fjords. Cruise from Glasgow, Scotland, to Bergen, Norway, aboard the exclusively chartered, 5-star, small ship Le Champlain. Visit the Scottish Highlands and ride on Norway’s Flåm Railway. Edinburgh/Glasgow and Norway/Copenhagen extensions available.

from approximately $5,195 per person, double occupancy
Jul 5 - Jul 13, 2020

Discover the ethereal beauty of Iceland on a 7-night circumnavigation of this island nation aboard our 5-star expedition ship. See landscapes of ancient Viking ruins and crystalline glaciers atop simmering volcanoes. Cross the Arctic Circle on Grímsey Island and cruise along Surtsey, a UNESCO site. Reykjavík extension available.

from approximately $6,795 per person, double occupancy
Jul 7 - Jul 16, 2020
With former President of Poland Lech Wałęsa.

Experience six countries on an 8-night Baltic Sea cruise aboard the 5-star Le Dumont D’Urville from Stockholm, Sweden, to Copenhagen, Denmark, visiting Visby, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; and Gda´nsk, Poland. Spend two days in St. Petersburg. Hear a presentation by former President of Poland Lech Wałęsa. Stockholm and Norway extensions available.

from approximately $6,795 per person, double occupancy
Aug 25 - Sep 9, 2020
Peru and Ecuador

Encounter two of South America’s greatest treasures on this 16-day journey exploring Machu Picchu’s enigmatic Inca ruins and seeing the fascinating Galapagos Islands’ wonders on a 4-night adventure. Further discoveries await in Lima, the Sacred Valley, Cuzco and Quito. Experience the Amazon rainforest with a 4-day/4-night pre-tour option.

approximately $10,093 per person, double occupancy, including air from SFO
Sep 2 - Sep 11, 2020

Explore the grand capitals of the czars—Moscow and St. Petersburg—on this 8-night adventure in Russia. Cross Red Square to St. Basil’s iconic domes and admire Faberge eggs inside the Kremlin walls. See the stately opulence of Peterhof and Catherine Palace. Stroll the canals of St. Petersburg and explore the world-famous Hermitage Museum.

approximately $3,795 per person, double occupancy
Sep 9 - Sep 16, 2020
An Unparalleled Alliance

Featuring Budapest, Berlin and a five-night Danube Cruise aboard the Crystal Mozart, this symposium will reflect on the evolution of Europe over the past century. Guest speakers include David Cameron, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 2010 – 2016, and Doris Kearns Goodwin, Presidential Historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning Author.

from $14,990 per person, double occupancy
Sep 12 - Sep 19, 2020

Cruise the five Great Lakes from Milwaukee to Toronto, visiting islands and towns rich in history and natural splendor. Delight in the Victorian character of Mackinac Island; visit Sault Ste. Marie, known to Native Americans as the “Gathering Place”; and witness the thunderous power of Niagara Falls. Optional extensions to Chicago and Toronto.

from approximately $4,995 per person, double occupancy
Sep 17 - Oct 1, 2020

Explore Tehran’s palaces and view the spectacular Crown Jewels. Enjoy Shiraz, city of poetry and gardens. Marvel at the magnificent ruins of Persepolis. Discover Yazd, the country’s center of Zoroastrianism, and the most traditional Persian architecture. Experience Isfahan’s brilliant blue-tiled buildings and majestic bridges.

approximately $7,290 per person, double occupancy
Sep 25 - Oct 6, 2020
(Optional Rwanda Extension)

Immerse yourself in the landscapes of Tanzania. Search for wildlife - lion, elephant, cheetah, giraffe and rhino in the Serengeti. Discover Ngorongoro Crater, home to rhinoceros, hippo, flamingo, ostrich and the black-maned lion. Retreat to your tented camps offering superior comfort. Finish with a 2-night stay at the award-winning Gibbs Farm.

$7,390 per person, double occupancy