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inforum is the Commonwealth Club experience for young professionals. We host live events in San Francisco to connect the Bay Area’s most interesting people with the thought leaders from tech, pop culture, politics, food and business. Our panels and interviews go beyond the sound bite and offer a deeper engagement with the world today.


Inforum’s events break The Commonwealth Club mold with individually curated events designed to give our audience cutting-edge content, and a hands-on education experience. We host more than 30 events each year, including headline interviews, monthly happy hours, public forums, debate discussion groups and post-program socials. Our events typically sell out, with 250 people each, and our keynote speakers often draw more than 700 people. Check out our !


Inforum’s mission is to engage debate on civic issues. We aim to create meaningful conversations around the things that matter to us. Dedication to quality programming, complemented by a passion for informed conversation, makes Inforum a catalyst for inspiration, investigation and action.


Our audience is much like our community mentioned above: well educated, discerning advocates of curated information. Inforum’s audience brings together a most discerning audience; they are the best educated, most connected and most informed people in the Bay Area who hail from all sectors, including tech, fashion, food, pop culture, social entrepreneurship, business and more. Within our community, 40 percent earn more than $100,000 per year, 50 percent have graduate degrees or Ph.D.s, 25 percent own their own homes, 80 percent live in San Francisco, 50 percent donate more than $250 a year to non-profits.


San Franciso magazine named Inforum the Best Lecture Series in the Bay Area in 2006 and 2015 and the place to go for young professionals looking for "a good wonking." The Los Angeles Times recommended Inforum for singles looking for a "presidential forum and hang-out." The Bay Guardian named The Commonwealth Club "the best brainiac bonanza... for those wanting to cram more thinking under their caps." Not to be left out, Yelp recommended the Club as "the true mental yoga session" for those who need intellectual stretching. 7x7 magazine profiled then-Inforum Director Nicole Grant as "What's Hot & What's Now," noting she "lures heavy hitters to The Commonwealth Club and gets her generation interested in the things that count."


Carlo Almendral, Board President
SVP Product Development at Truition

Courtland Alves, Chair of the Board
Product & Engineering Manager at Yahoo

Becky Bakkers
Manager, Client Experience & Support at Zenefits

Julie Crabill
Founder and CEO of Inner Circle Labs

Eva Frye
Product Marketing & Branding at Snapguide

Kishore Hari
Director, Bay Area Science Festival at UCSF

Libby Leffler
MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School

Tom Nguyen 
Principal, Product Management at Adobe

Camille Ricketts
Head of Content & Marketing at First Round Capital

Melissa Roxas
Manager at Inner Circle Labs

Kimberly Stoddard
Media & Content Strategist at BOCA Communications

Kimberly Twombly-Wu
Vice President of Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services


For more details or to volunteer with us, please email inforum [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org.