Join Us at the Club: Celebrating the Oyster!

Oysters and Your Healthy Future: A special in-person program with wine reception and raw oyster tasting.

Oysters are one of humanity’s oldest foods and have great historical significance and current-day importance. For John Finger, founding partner and CEO of Hog Island Oyster Company, the shellfish are not only a vocation but a way of life. Finger is a marine biologist who has helped Hog Island become one of the premier producers of certified sustainable shellfish in the country. And Finger's work at Hog Island has never been more important.

Today, health, science, technology and climate change all combine to elevate the importance of the oyster and oyster farming to society. The marine equivalent of the canary in the coal mine, oysters are giving scientists a better understanding of rising sea temperatures and ocean acidification, and signaling the need for new scientific and technological solutions, if these and other shellfish are to thrive into the future.

There has never been a better time to return to The Commonwealth Club! Come join this special member-led forum event with John Finger to talk about the importance of oysters in the 21st century. After the program, all attendees are invited to a roof-top reception to continue the conversation with a glass of wine and some raw oysters, catered by Hog Island Oyster Company. 


Robbie Kilpatrick


This special program is presented by the Health & Medicine Member-Led Forum (MLF), in cooperation with the Technology & Society MLF and the People & Nature MLF. Forums at the Club are organized and run by volunteer programmers who are members of The Commonwealth Club, and they cover a diverse range of topics. Learn more about our Forums.

Photos courtesy Hog Island Oyster Company.

Image - John Finger

John Finger

Founding Partner and CEO, Hog Island Oyster Company

Image - Robbie Kilpatrick

Robbie Kilpatrick

Member, Board of Governors, The Commonwealth Club of California; Chair, Health and Medicine Member-Led Forum