Guy Kawasaki: How to Make a Difference

***Contains Explicit Language***

Prepare to be inspired and empowered by the one and only Guy Kawasaki! Former chief evangelist for Apple, rejuvenator of the Macintosh cult, and executive fellow of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, Guy is truly revered for his wisdom—and he's also one of the friendliest people in Silicon Valley.

Based on hundreds of interviews, Guy's new book, Think Remarkable: 9 Paths to Transform Your Life and Make a Difference, is a practical how-to-do-it guide about constructing a life that matters and that reflects our best selves. As Guy explains, it's not just about building a foundation of knowledge and relationships, then finding a worthwhile goal. It's also about how to "move beyond Eureka!" to sell ideas, lead a team, and inspire others. Don't miss this opportunity to learn all of these crucial skills!

Guy's talks at the Club have sold out, and rightly so. Though you can watch on live stream, nothing beats the energy and camaraderie of experiencing Guy's wisdom in person. So join us at the Club for an evening of inspiration, networking, and thought-provoking discussion with Guy and other like-minded individuals. And maybe even have dinner afterward at a nearby restaurant. See you there!


Eric Siegel


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Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist, Canva; Executive Fellow, the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley; Former Trustee, Wikimedia Foundation; Former Chief Evangelist, Apple; Author of more than 15 books, including Think Remarkable: 9 Paths to Transform Your Life and Make a Difference

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Eric Siegel

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