An Evening with Rebecca Solnit- An energizing case for hope about the climate

Called “the voice of the resistance” by The New York Times, writer, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit, the author of 20 books on feminism, western and indigenous history, popular power, social change and insurrection, hope and disaster, and most recently Not Too Late: Changing the Climate Story from Despair to Possibility, will discuss her view that the future will be decided by whether we act in the present—and she says we must act—to counter institutional inertia, fossil fuel interests, and political obstinacy.

Guided by her typical clear-eyed wisdom, Rebecca Solnit will lead our audience from discouragement to possibilities, from climate despair to climate hope. Solnit will be joined by co-editor and climate activist Thelma Young Lutunatabua and native Fijian Fenton Lutunatabua (participating virtually), calling on us to rise to the moment with the benefit of indigenous wisdom and by telling new stories.


Elizabeth Carney


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Speaker photo courtesy the speaker; illustrations by David Solnit.

Image - Rebecca Solnit

Rebecca Solnit

Author, Not Too Late, Changing the Climate Story from Despair to Possibility

Introduction by Susan Haymer

Thelma Young Lutunatabua

Climate Activist (Participating via Zoom)

Fenton Lutunatabua

Native Fijian (Participating via Zoom)

Image - Elizabeth Carney

Elizabeth Carney

Chair, Business and Leadership Member-led Forum, The Commonwealth Club of California—Moderator