Image - China flag and dragon
Image - China flag and dragon

Year of the Dragon: A Celebration of Chinese Culture and Cuisine

Join us for a celebration of Chinese culture and cuisine and look forward to the Year of the Dragon!

Come celebrate with us with traditional Chinese food and alcohol as we transition from the Year of the Rabbit to the Year of the Dragon. What does the new year bring to the People's Republic of China?

We will talk to Consulate General Zhang Jianmin from the People’s Republic of China, who will present his views on China’s role in California, the United States and the recent APEC conference. Afterward, all attendees are invited to sample regional Chinese cuisine and alcohol sponsored by the Chinese consulate.

MLF ORGANIZER: Dr. Kalidip Choudhury

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Consulate General Zhang Jianmin

The People's Republic of China

Dr. Kalidip Choudhury