Image - San Francisco skyline illustration
Image - San Francisco skyline illustration

Nonprofit Oversight in San Francisco

Some San Francisco nonprofits with city contracts have recently come under fire for their business practices and outcomes. With the city's $1.7 billion portfolio of nonprofit services, a lot is at stake in efforts to maximize return on investment, and produce durable outcomes. 

Come listen to an informed dialog between Laura Marshall, citywide nonprofit policy manager at the independent San Francisco Controller’s Office, and Kevin Fagan, seasoned reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle, as we seek to better understand how nonprofit oversight in San Francisco actually works. Come prepared with your questions and participate in the discussion.

About the Speakers

Laura Marshall is the citywide nonprofit policy manager at the San Francisco Controller’s Office, After early work in San Francisco’s nonprofit sector and gaining a Masters in social work at San Francisco State University, Laura quickly identified local government as her preferred venue for helping to improve the lives of the city’s most vulnerable residents. She has worked for the City and County of San Francisco since 2007. Laura’s current role with the San Francisco Controller’s Office allows her to manage a portfolio of projects and initiatives designed to increase the effectiveness of government with a focus on social service programs and the City’s $1.7 billion portfolio of nonprofit services. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Smith College.

Kevin Fagan is a longtime, award-winning reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle, specializing in homelessness, enterprise news-feature writing, breaking news and crime. He has ridden the rails with modern-day hobos, witnessed seven prison executions, and covered disasters ranging from the Sept. 11 terror attacks at Ground Zero to California’s devastating wildfires. Homelessness remains a core focus of his, close to his heart as a journalist who cares passionately about the human condition.

Ian McCuaig

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Image - Kevin Fagan

Kevin Fagan

Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Image - Laura Marshall

Laura Marshall

Citywide Nonprofit Policy Manager, San Francisco Controller’s Office

Image - Ian McCuaig

Ian McCuaig

Advisor, Track & Share; Chair, Social Impact Member-led Forum, The Commonwealth Club of California—Moderator