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Jim Al-Khalili: The Joy of Science

It's a challenge to make the best decisions in a world that is unpredictable and full of contradictions. Help is now available in the form of advice from quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili, who shares 8 lessons from the heart of science that he says can help people get the most out of life.

As he writes in The Joy of Science, Al-Khalili invites people to engage with the world as scientists have been trained to do. The scientific method has served mankind well in its quest to see things as they really are. Underpinning the scientific method are core principles that can be deployed outside of the laboratory too, in our own lives. Knowing the nature of truth and uncertainty, the role of doubt, the pros and cons of simplification, the value of guarding against bias, the importance of evidence-based thinking and more—Al-Khalili says these are all deeply relevant to everyday lives.

Jim Al-Khalili is distinguished professor of theoretical physics at the University of Surrey and is one of Britain’s best-known science communicators. His other books include The World According to PhysicsQuantum: A Guide for the Perplexed, and Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology

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October 16, 2023

The Commonwealth Club of California
United States

Image - Jim Al-Khalili

Jim Al-Khalili

Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Surrey; Author, The Joy of Science; Twitter jimalkhalili

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In Conversation with Kishore Hari

Program Manager, Science in Society, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; Twitter @sciencequiche