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U.S. Native History and Building Relationships for Effective Climate Work

In a special program co-presented with the Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter, join us for an up-close and personal talk with Jim Warne of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Nation about the history of Native Americans and the work of building relationships with native communities to produce effective climate progress. The multitalented Warne is a motivational speaker, president of Warrior Society Development, WSD Productions; the community engagement & diversity director for the USD Center for Disabilities Oyata' Circle; and creator of the award-winning documentary "7th Generation" and the NFL Social Justice Series' "Oyate' un Ito'wapi–Pictures of My People," which was featured on Fox. 

In Warne's own words:

"In talking to people from other countries, I have found that Asians and Europeans know more about our Indian history than Americans do. . . . In America, we get one narrow and uniform tribal perspective when there are over 550 tribes here that are recognized and 200 languages still today.

"It's important to have an understanding that some of the history that has been taught may not be correct, and in many cases it's not even addressed. . . . It's an ignorance by design, but how could we expect our non-Indian brothers to know when they're not being taught? If we taught the truth from the beginning we wouldn't be dealing with the ignorance and intolerance we're dealing with today."


Co-presented by the Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter.

The Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter

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May 17, 2021

United States

Image - Jim Warne

Jim Warne

President, Warrior Society Development, WSD Productions; Community Engagement & Diversity Director, USD Center for Disabilities, Oyata' Circle; Creator, "7th Generation" and "Oyate' un Ito'wapi–Pictures of My People"

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Jill Sherman-Warne

Director, Native American Environmental Protection Coalition

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Alma Soongi Beck

Climate Justice Co-Chair, Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter—Introduction

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Sarah Diefendorf

Director, Environmental Finance Center West, Earth Island Institute—Moderator