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The 2020 Election with Tiffany Cross, Rich Thau and Rick Wilson

Racism, police and the pandemic are dominating hearts and headlines, but will they translate to votes in national and regional elections? One study found wavering Trump voters rank immigration and climate change as top reasons for a possible vote change, but it’s unclear if that will materialize. Other studies contend climate doesn’t even rank on the minds of swing voters. Young, liberal Americans are leading the charge on climate, but Bernie Sanders learned they are more likely to protest than vote. 

What issues are top of mind for Obama-Trump voters in swing states? How will the coronavirus and racial justice crises of 2020 impact voters this cycle? Join us for a conversation about power in the elections with Tiffany Cross, co-founder of The Beat DC, Rick Wilson, Republican political strategist, and Rich Thau, who is leading focus groups with swing voters in key states. 


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June 23, 2020

United States

Image - Tiffany Cross

Tiffany Cross

Co-Founder and Managing Editor, The Beat DC

Image - Rich Thau

Rich Thau

President, Engagious; Swing Voter Project

Image - Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson

Republican Political Strategist

Image - Greg Dalton

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One