The Week to Week News Quiz for July 16, 2018

Here are some random but real hints: A Murdoch brand; at least he wasn't inflatable; talk about a box office flop; and maybe Michael Cohen's looking for new clients. Answers are below the quiz.

1. On the eve of his visit to the United Kingdom, President Trump criticized the UK's prime minister and her plan for handling Brexit. In what media outlet did that interview appear?
a. The Nation
b. BBC
c. The Sun
d. Bloomberg Businessweek

2. The United States has refused to exempt European countries from what?
a. Environmental commitments made at the Paris climate summit
b. New anti-Iran sanctions
c. Net neutrality regulations
d. New tarriffs on financial services transactions

3. How many migrant children are still awaiting reunification with their parents?
a. 250
b. 2,500
c. 25,000
d. None; they have all be reunited

4. Scottish police arrested a Greenpeace activist who did what during President Trump's visit to Scotland?
a. Floated offshore on a raft festooned with a Russian flag
b. Paraglided with an anti-Trump sign through a no-fly zone
c. Punched a Secret Service officer
d. Threw a bucket of fake blood at the president's motorcade

5. This week, what once-ubiquitous chain will be down to just one store left in the United States?
a. Sears
b. Radio Shack
c. Blockbuster
d. JCPenney

6. On Saturday, who won the endorsement of California Democratic Party leaders for the state's U.S. Senate race?
a. Dianne Feinstein
b. Kevin de León
c. Jill Stein
d. Antonio Villaraigosa

7. This past weekend, France beat Croatia to win the World Cup. Now how many World Cup victories does France have?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

8. Riots over increases in fuel prices forced the resignation of the prime minister of what country this week?
a. Haiti
b. Venezuela
c. Iran
d. Myanmar

9. The heat in Stockton, California, was named as the cause of what occurrence?
a. A tree exploded
b. 70 people died from exhaustion
c. An 80,000-gallon tank of petrol ruptured
d. The highest levels of mosquito-born illness in 100 years

10. What did President Trump tell British Prime Minister Theresa May to do regarding Brexit?
a. Threaten to pull out of NATO if it doesn't get its way with the European Union
b. Sign a trade agreement with Russia
c. Become America's "window into the EU"
d. Sue the European Union

BONUS. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he had a problem with animals. What is it?
a. His Chevy Suburban was eaten by a family of woodchucks
b. A wild goose on his country estate chases him every time he goes outside
c. His dog, Galt, refuses to follow commands to sit
d. His cat just doesn't understand him


1. c.
2. b.
3. b.
4. b.
5. c.
6. b.
7. b.
8. b.
9. a.
10. d.

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Explanations of the hints:  Murdoch brand: The Sun is part of the Rupert Murdoch media empire; at least he wasn't inflatable: the paraglider was not the inflatable infant Trump that floated over London; talk about a box office flop: the company is now the opposite of a blockbuster; and maybe Michael Cohen's looking for new clients: Trump suggested she sue the EU, but she explained that the UK will continue to negotiate its exit instead.