The Week to Week News Quiz for May 17, 2019

Here are some random but real hints: Sun Tzu's art of conversation; at least he should pass the pizza-eating primary; they have a beef with this practice; and it's a post-coup opening. Answers are below the quiz.

1. What did President Trump say he wanted to do to Iran?
A. "Invade it BETTER than we did Iraq"
B. Talk
C. Turn it into sand
D. Obliterate it

2. What did Attorney General Bill Barr say to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when he saw her at a memorial service this week?
A. "Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?"  
B. "Does this count as testimony?"
C. "I dare you to subpoena me, Nancy"
D. "I'll see you in jail before you see me in one of your committees"

3. This week, the mayor of what major city joined the large number of Democrats running for president?
A. Chicago
B. Houston
C. New York
D. Manitowoc

4. After Alabama's government passed the nation's most restrictive anti-abortion law, what did televangelist Pat Robertson say?
A. The bill was too lenient
B. The bill goes too far
C. No one will care what happens in Alabama
D. The U.S. Supreme Court has no right to rule on state laws

5. Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke died on Thursday, aged 89. Besides his political accomplishments, which one of these is another achievement of his?
A. He was the first Australian to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard University   
B. He is in the Guinness record book for drinking
C. He was functionally illiterate until he taught himself to read at the age of 40
D. He fathered 22 children with four wives

6. The Austrian government is warning people not to do what?
A. Travel to Hungary, which is demanding reparations for losses under the Habsburg Empire  
B. Talk too fast
C. Kiss cows
D. Support far-right political parties

7. Who is holding talks in Norway to find a mediated solution to their long-standing conflict?
A. Donald Trump and Steve Bannon
B. Venezuela's government and its opponents
C. Iraqi Shia and Sunni factions
D. The UK and Argentina

8. Which long-time correspondent is retiring from "60 Minutes"?
A. Steve Kroft  
B. Lesley Stahl
C. Lara Logan
D. Scott Pelley

9. What "Big 4" meeting will take place next week in hopes of tackling an ambitious agenda?
A. The world's four largest carmakers will meet in Vienna to discuss sharing electric vehicle technology platforms in an attempt to speed up adoption of e-vehicles
B. The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook will meet to agree to global 5G network standards
C. The top leaders from both parties in Congress will meet with White House officials to begin negotiations on a two-year budget deal that would lift tough budget caps
D. CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox will begin meetings on reducing political extremism on the air

10. On Friday, President Trump declared a national security threat was posed by what?
A. Iranian paramilitary groups threatening to strike at U.S. military bases in Europe
B. Guatemalan children at the U.S.–Mexico border
C. Imports of some cars from Europe and Asia
D. Democratic congressional committee members with subpoena power

BONUS. How is the restaurant chain Taco Bell expanding beyond its core business?
A. Starting this summer, the chain will start offering pizza
B. It will introduce a Taco Bell credit card
C. It will start selling an Impossible Taco to attract vegan customers
D. It will open a hotel and resort

1. B
2. A (CNN reports, "One source said Pelosi, 'not missing a beat, smiled and indicated to the attorney general that the House sergeant-at-arms was present at the ceremony should an arrest be necessary.'")
3. C
4. B (Robertson's point was that the bill was unlikely to survive the U.S. Supreme Court, and that anti-abortion forces would prefer a different bill get to the court first)
5. B (AP reports, "His reputation as a tippler was cemented during his years as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University in England, where he earned a Guinness world record by downing 2 1/2 pints of beer in 11 seconds.")
6. C (This was in response to the KuhKussChallenge to raise money for charity)
7. B
8. A
9. C
10. C
BONUS. D (according to Business Insider: "Taco Bell said the hotel would be fully Taco Bell-themed, with new menu items, a gift shop, and a nail-art, fades, and braid bar inspired by the chain")

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Explanations of the hints: Sun Tzu's art of conversation: Sun Tzu's famous work 'The Art of War' isn't on the president's preferred reading list; at least he should pass the pizza-eating primary: every four years, we're subjected to annoying campaign stories about presidential candidates being pilloried in New York because they didn't eat a slice of New York-style pizza the favored way, so the Big Apple's mayor should get it right; they have a beef with this practice: the government warned people that cows shouldn't be kissed; and it's a post-coup opening: before the talks, there was a failed military coup against the Venezuela regime.