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Paul Hawken Presents Drawdown: The World’s First Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming

Can we begin to reverse global warming in the next 30 years? This is the burning question of the 21st century and renowned environmentalist Hawken says yes. Hawken has launched Project Drawdown, which he calls the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. This local California NGO gathered a qualified and diverse group of researchers from around the world to identify, research and model the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change, something never done before, even though climate change has been in the public and academic sphere for over 40 years. What was uncovered is a path forward that might begin to reverse global emissions within 30 years. 

Hawken has written eight books published in 50 countries and 28 languages including five New York Times bestsellers. He has appeared on numerous media including the "Today Show," "Talk of the Nation," "Bill Maher," and has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Washington Post, BusinessWeek and Esquire. His writings have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Resurgence, New Statesman, Inc, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, Mother Jones, Orion and other publications. He founded Erewhon, the first natural food company in the U.S. that relied solely on sustainable agriculture, Smith & Hawken, OneSun Solar, and Project Drawdown. He has served on the board of many environmental organizations including Point Foundation (publisher of the Whole Earth Catalogs), Center for Plant Conservation, Trust for Public Land, Conservation International, and the National Audubon Society.

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Paul Hawken
Environmental Activist; Entrepreneur; Author, The Next Economy, Growing a Business, The Ecology of Commerce, Blessed Unrest, and Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming