Become a Sustaining Member of the Club

As a Commonwealth Club Sustaining Member, your ongoing pledge of support provides the Club with an invaluable resource—a regular, stable source of revenue to support both our daily operations and the development of future projects and programs. Your contributions can be deducted directly from your credit card or bank account, or you can choose to send checks in response to our reminders.

Developing a solid financial future is a priority at The Commonwealth Club. We succeed with community support, despite funding cutbacks from other sources.

Your pledge of regular long term support enables us to focus more of our energies and resources on meeting the challenges ahead, while knowing that our day-to-day operations are funded.

As a Commonwealth Club Sustaining Member, you’ll receive more information about the programs you love, instead of receiving annual appeals for renewed support. You'll receive our thanks for your committed support, as well as all the regular benefits of membership.

You can cancel or change your payments at any time.

To become a Sustaining Member, e-mail or call (415) 597-6708.