"My conception of a public service club is a body whose members shall have entire confidence in each other's regard for the public welfare, however diverse their views of obtaining it –- their views, in fact, being as diverse as possible in order that no point of view may be missed." 
- San Francisco Chronicle editorial writer Edward F. Adams, writing of the formation of The Commonwealth Club in February 1903

Week to Week is the political roundtable program series from The Commonwealth Club of California. Begun in 2012, it is a recurring series of engaging programs that review the week's political news—local, national, and international—to give you even deeper insight into what makes the world tick.

Week to Week is designed to be informative and fun. Commonwealth Club members, guests, and fans are known for their interest in the events of the world. This program engages them with commentary on politics—commentary that doesn't insult their intelligence. 

If you like lively current-affairs discussions that aren't shouting matches; if you want to be around people who follow the news and know what's going on; if you yearn to hear someone speak intelligently about the week's happenings, then this is the series for you.

The Programs

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