Women’s Stories About Passion, Purpose and Transformation in Midlife

We are experiencing a moment of profound global transformation, a moment that is causing many of us to deeply examine core aspects of our lives that we once took for granted. What is it like to initiate personal transformation in midlife, whether by choice or through crisis? Three women will share their stories of how they are making midlife one of the most profound and powerful times in their lives. Join us for an intimate conversation and discussion. And learn how to find your purpose and passion in the midst of all the external noise; how to overcome the roadblocks to personal change; and discover the gems of wisdom that can help carry you through it.

Barbara Mark, Ph.D., has a deeply held passion for working with women in midlife and has enjoyed a decades-long career as an elite leadership, career and life strategies coach and advisor. She has been brought into the confidence of hundreds of professional women seeking to maintain inner balance while facing diverse external demands, personal ambition, and the desire to feel satisfied and fulfilled personally and professionally. As a recognized expert on the stages of adult development and how these stages impact career development and leadership in women, Dr. Mark is a sought-after coach by women who are looking to make appropriate and actionable personal and professional decisions at critical stages of their lives and careers. She is a recipient of the 2010 History Maker–Most Powerful Women of the Bay Award, the 2011 NAWBO-SFBA Business Woman of the Year Award, and the 2019 Bay Area Powerful Women Award, and is a frequent keynote speaker. 

Stephanie O'Dell is a personal stylist with 10 years of experience at Athleta, Stitch Fix and her own styling business helping dress more than 6,000 women. In 2016, she launched "Celebrate the Gray" blog to interview 100 women aged 50 and over with the goal of determining the need for an age-specific fashion line. "Celebrate the Gray" has grown into a full service agency for and about the 50+ woman. O'Dell now represents more than 30 gray-haired models and consults with companies to use real faces and genuine stories to help market and promote positive aging for the 50+ woman. She is involved locally and nationally promoting and speaking about positive aging for women. O'Dell was recently featured in the Marin Independent Journal and AARP Disrupt Aging movement. 

Julia Lucia Raina, CPCC, is a transformational coach who guides women and men in midlife to reconnect with their passion, power and purpose, and helps teams and organizations experience greater meaning, increased connection and more effective communication in their work environments. Her coaching style combines formal methodology and brain science with intuition and body awareness, and is infused with creativity and playfulness, elements from her education (B.A. in architecture from U.C. Berkeley) and early professional background in design. Raina is also honored to be an executive coach for Women Leaders for the World, a program of How Women Lead that provides training and support to help women develop the skills and confidence to solve some of the world’s most intractable problems. She works with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally and abroad. 


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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Image - Barbara Mark

Barbara Mark

Ph.D., Executive Coach

Image - O'Dell

Stephanie O'Dell

Fashion Stylist and Brand Adviser/Consultant, Celebratethegray.com

Image - Raina

Julia Lucia Raina

CPCC, Transformational Coach, LiveAligned.net