Women in Tech: Can Silicon Valley Women Have It All?

Technology remains a male-dominated industry; along with venture capital, it has one of the poorest records for its low number of women, especially at high levels that typically lead to senior executive, C-suite and board directorship positions. Critics say that the argument about a weak pipeline does not entirely explain the situation—in life sciences, there are more female graduates, but very few at the top.

Dr. Jaleh Daie, a leading techie and VC in Silicon Valley, discusses her own career as she moved up the ladder. Dr. Moira Gunn, host of "Tech Nation," will engage her on why women should seek higher positions and how to get there.


Jaleh Daie

Ph.D., Managing Partner, Aurora Equity; Former President, Association for Women in Science; WITI Hall of Fame

In conversation with Moira Gunn

Ph.D., Host, "Tech Nation" and "BioTech Nation," NPR