Photography has always had a special role in shaping the visual narratives that help us make sense of our world. Not only do we record, share and understand life through images, but these images also galvanize individuals to act. While the impulse for visual storytelling is as old as humanity itself, the tools, storytellers and mechanisms for sharing visual stories are now dramatically different. More than ever, photography has the power to transcend barriers, spark dialogue and promote understanding. But who is telling these stories today, and how can we take action to enable people to tell their own stories, widening the lens of storytellers everywhere? Three extraordinary leaders in photography will discuss their groundbreaking approaches to using the most powerful communications tools of our time, concurrently creating provocative work on their own and exposing diverse artists to opportunities to amplify their visual voices. Join us for a dynamic conversation about the exciting possibilities of a more nuanced and inclusive photographic lens to create a broader societal impact.

Image - Alam
Shahidul Alam*
Founder; Drik and Majority World Agencies, The Pathshala School and the Chobi Mela Festival; Photographer; Writer; Curator; Professor, Activist
Image - Lewis
Brent Lewis
Co-Founder, Diversify Photo; Business Photo Editor, The New York Times
Image - Muluneh
Aida Muluneh
2018 CatchLight Fellow; Photographer; Contemporary Artist, Founder and Director, Addis Foto Fest
Image - Estrin
Jim Estrin
New York Times Staff Photographer, “Lens” Blog Co-Editor—Moderator