The Virtual View from Tokyo: Shin Ushijima

Join us virtually to discuss with Shin Ushijima, Japan’s best-selling legal thriller author and influential corporate counselor, the nuances of cultural shifts in Japan, the political ramifications of Japan’s response to COVID-19, the effects of China’s rising influence in Asia, the threat to Japan of North Korea’s military misadventurousness, and the institutional changes he would like to see in corporate governance in order to strengthen Japan’s international businesses. Ushijima will also share how he managed to write several novels, and non-fiction corporate advice books, while running one of Tokyo’s premier law firms.

Image - Shin Ushijima
Shin Ushijima
Attorney; Founder and Managing Partner, Ushijima & Partners; Director, Nippon Life; President, Japan Corporate Governance Network; Author, The Shareholders Meeting
Image - George Hammond
In Conversation with George Hammond
Author, Conversations With Socrates