The Unforgettable San José Earthquakes: Momentous Stories On and Off the Field

Join us ahead of the San José Earthquakes' epic alumni player-attended California Classico game at Stanford University for an in-depth discussion with Gary Singh, a lifelong fan of the team, as he celebrates the legendary history of the Quakes in his new book, The Unforgettable San Jose Earthquakes: Momentous Stories On & Off the Field.

When the San José Earthquakes first started playing soccer in 1974, no one imagined how their efforts would reverberate 50 years later. The Quakes and their fans have overcome a multitude of issues in the last five decades, including leagues collapsing, attempted rebrandings, local apathy, political indifference and even a franchise relocation, yet they never gave up. While players like Johnny Moore, Chris Wondolowski and Landon Donovan have come and gone—along with coaches, general managers and owners—the multigenerational family this San José team created over the last half century stands as strong as ever.


This program is part of our Good Lit series, underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation.

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Singh photo by Cherri.

Image - Gary Singh

Gary Singh

Author; Columnist, Metro Silicon Valley 

Image - Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen

Journalist, San Francisco Standard—Moderator