Our distinguished panel will discuss the U.S.-mediated deal (which President Trump calls "The Abraham Accord") between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and its impact on the Arab world, Iran and Turkey, and neighboring states. Some observers consider that this tentative public declaration of peace was a historic shift legitimizing Israel in the Arab world, which fears Iran and opposes Israeli annexation of the West Bank. Others consider the efforts to be politically motivated by the Trump and Netanyahu administrations.

The expert panel will also discuss how a potential formal peace treaty, the first between the Arab world and Israel in 25 years, could lead to greater peace in the region.


Celia Menczel


MLF: Middle East

Main photo: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead; Rosenthal photo by Christopher Michel

Image -  Banafsheh Keynoush
Banafsheh Keynoush
Ph.D., International Law and Diplomacy; Editor, Iran’s Interregionality in the Near East (forthcoming in 2020); Author, Saudi Arabia and Iran: Friends or Foes
Image - Eddy Simonian
Eddy Simonian
Masters, International Relations, University of San Francisco; Co-chair, Commonwealth Club's Member-Led Middle East Forum
Image - Alon Sachar
Alon Sachar
Middle East Advisor to President George W. Bush and President Barrack Obama; Co-Author, A Path to Peace
Image - Robert Rosenthal
Robert Rosenthal
Former Managing Editor, San Francisco Chronicle; Founder/Board Member, Center for Investigative Reporting