Sometimes a commitment to an idea can drive the idea’s originator to do unthinkable things. According to journalist John Carreyrou, this is the phenomenon that drove Silicon Valley company Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes down a road that led to charges of “massive fraud.”

The story of Theranos began like many companies in Silicon Valley — as a bold vision. Theranos’s goal was to create a portable mini lab that could capture accurate test results from a drop or two of blood pricked from a finger. To make this goal a reality, Holmes and Theranos lied when the devices did not work. Eager to see her vision through and offer tests to the public, Holmes sidestepped federal regulations and covered up inaccurate test results with high gloss PR.

John Carreyrou, investigative reporter at The Wall Street Journal, dives deep into this conspiracy in his book Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. He will explore what he calls “a narrative about heroes and villains, and an examination of failed oversight, lax regulation, corporate malfeasance and the lengths some companies are willing to go to in an effort to circumvent the law.” Join us for this can’t-miss discussion!

Image - John Carreyrou
John Carreyrou
Investigative Reporter, The Wall Street Journal; Author, Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup; Twitter: @JohnCarreyrou
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In Conversation with Roy Eisenhardt
Lecturer, UC Berkeley School of Law