One nation under . . . guns?

Is America destined to always be a violent nation? Why are Americans uniquely attached to themes of aggression and firearms that permeate our culture and policies? These are the questions Senator Chris Murphy explores in his new book, The Violence Inside Us: A Brief History of an Ongoing American Tragedy. Searching for answers about why America continues to fall short on issues of safety, Murphy has dedicated his political career to the cause of gun violence and ensuring that all Americans feel safe.

Murphy’s state of Connecticut was forever changed by the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and he believes that in order to change something as horrific as gun violence, we must first understand it. which is why his book investigates our country’s violence-filled history in order to forge a comprehensive plan for our future. In The Violence Inside Us, he explains why the nation is still stuck fighting this battle and how we can forge a comprehensive plan for change.


Murphy photo by Jocelyn Augustino

Image - Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy
U.S. Senator (D-CT); Author, The Violence Inside Us: A Brief History of an Ongoing American Tragedy
In Conversation with Robyn Thomas
Executive Director, Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence