The Secret Body. How the New Science of the Human Body is Changing the Way We Live

In a revolutionary new vision of human biology and the scientific breakthroughs that will transform our lives. Professor Daniel M. Davis shows how radical new possibilities are becoming realities thanks to the visionary efforts of scientists who are revealing the invisible and secret universe within each of us.

Focusing on six important frontiers, Davis describes what we are learning about cells, the development of the fetus, the body's immune system, the brain, the microbiome, and the genome — areas of human biology that are usually understood in isolation. Bringing them together, Davis offers a new vision of the human body as a biological wonder of dizzying complexity and possibility.


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Image - Daniel M Davis

Daniel M. Davis

Ph.D., Professor of Immunology, University of Manchester (UK); Author, The Secret Body. How the New Science of The Human Body Is Changing the Way We Live; The Beautiful Cure and The Compatibility Gene

Image - Robert Lee Kilpatrick

Robert Lee Kilpatrick

Ph.D., Chair, Health & Medicine Member-Led Forum, Commonwealth Club of California—Moderator