**Contains Explicit Language**

On his wildly popular podcast “Making Sense,” Sam Harris and his guests explore some of the most important questions about the human mind, society and current events. Every week, he dives into some of the most controversial and thought-provoking issues we face in society today.

Harris’ new book, Making Sense: Conversations on Consciousness, Morality and the Future of Humanity, shares 12 discussions from “Making Sense” that are meant to push traditional conversations in unconventional directions. For Harris, honest conversation, no matter how difficult or controversial, represents the only path to moral and intellectual progress.

Join Harris for a candid conversation as he discusses how we can all “make sense” of our complicated world with honesty, clarity and reason.


Co-hosted by INFORUM

Harris photo by Christopher Patey

Image - Sam Harris
Sam Harris
Host, “Making Sense with Sam Harris” Podcast; Author, Making Sense: Conversations on Consciousness, Morality, and the Future of Humanity
Image - Lara Bazelon
In Conversation with Lara Bazelon
Professor of Law and Director of Criminal Juvenile Justice and Racial Justice Clinical Programs, University of San Francisco