Responding to the Resurgence: What Does Our Future Look Like?

COVID-19 cases are surging again across the United States. Governors, colleges, sports teams and others are announcing new plans every day. It’s hard to know what to expect, or understand the shifts.

Is this part of the first wave of infections, or a second one? While hospitalizations are up, why are death rates are lower? With younger people making up a larger number of positive cases, what should the response be? Will schools open in the fall, and if so, under what circumstances? Will employees be able to go back to work, and even if they can, is it wise? More broadly, should we be easing restrictions or clamping down? Should our government mandate or only recommend mask wearing, social distancing, and business closing? Why does the United States seem out of step from the rest of the developed world?

Never have public officials and individuals faced such complex choices and such an uncertain future. Hear two leading public health officials and policy advisors explain where we are in managing the pandemic, what we should do, and what we can expect through the rest of 2020.


In association with the Zetema Project

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Image - Ashish Jha

Dr. Ashish Jha

M.D., Director, Harvard Global Health Institute

Image - Bob Kocher

Dr. Bob Kocher

M.D., Partner, Venrock; Member, California Coronavirus Testing Task Force

Image - Mark Zitter

Mark Zitter

Chair, The Zetema Project; Member, Commonwealth Club Board of Governors