Brothers William and Philip Taubman know Russia well. William Taubman’s Khrushchev won the Pulitzer Prize, and his new book, Gorbachev, is already being critically praised as a riveting story of how the leader of “the evil empire” forged a peaceful partnership with the United States. It is also a compelling history of the Soviet Union and Russia. Philip Taubman worked for The New York Times as a reporter and editor for nearly 30 years, specializing in national security issues, including intelligence and defense policies. Come for a unique conversation about Russia then and now and what William Taubman terms “the importance of leaders who understood that the value of power is its ability to create a better world.”

Image - William Taubman
William Taubman
Political Science Professor Emeritus, Amherst College; Author, Gorbachev and The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Khrushchev: The Man and His Era
Image - Philip Taubman
In Conversation with Philip Taubman
Consulting Professor, Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation; Former Moscow Bureau Chief, The New York Times