Noah Griffin: A Flash Back to Old Time Popular Radio Shows

Please join us for a Tuesday morning inspirational talk on old-time radio programs by Noah Griffin, a native San Franciscan, former television talk show host and former radio broadcast host for WJIB in Boston, and KFOG and KGO in San Francisco. Griffin's connection with radio stems back to when as a 6-year-old in 1952 he was given his first Hopalong Cassidy radio.

His presentation will be energizing and fascinating as he talks about the best and most popular of old-time radio shows of their day, from live nightclub shows to soap operas, detective and mystery shows, family sitcoms, and westerns. “Can you remember yours?”

The program is followed by Q and A.


Robert Melton


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Image - Noah Griffin
Noah Griffin
Former Television Talk Show Host; Former Radio Broadcast Host, WJIB, KFOG, KGO
Image - Robert Melton
Robert Melton
Co-Chair, Commonwealth Club Arts Member-Led Forum; Curator, Farmer's Gallery, Commonwealth Club—Moderator