Made by the Bay: Imagining Our Next Chapter

"I Love New York." "Keep Portland Weird." "Virginia Is For Lovers." "Don’t Mess with Texas." We all know them. We all say them—but how do we sum up the Bay Area?

The Bay offers the world culture, diversity, natural beauty, innovation and commitment to progress. Yet the Bay wrestles with persistent housing challenges and news stories about the “Bay Area exodus.” Layer on the COVID-19 pandemic, and it's no surprise that regional pride and confidence in the Bay Area is taking a hit. But this moment of unprecedented crisis can be a turning point for the Bay Area.

Join a panel of Bay Area locals and legends who will discuss how The Bay shaped who they have become, why they call this region home, and different solutions to rebuilding and strengthening the Bay Area. This panel will wrestle with how we can not only recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but create the vibrant, equitable region that we all aspire to live in.


In partnership with Tipping Point Community.

Main image by Will Truettner.

Image - Sam Cobbs
Sam Cobbs
CEO, Tipping Point Community
Image - Heather Knight
Heather Knight
Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle
Image - Ned Segal
Ned Segal
Chief Financial Officer, Twitter
Image - Lenny Mendonca
Lenny Mendonca
Former Chief Economic and Business Advisor, State of California—Moderator