In the midst of one of modern history’s most uncertain moments, how can we all work to keep mindful of ourselves and those who matter most to us?

Krista Tippett’s podcast, "On Being," aims to shine a light on people whose insights illuminate the best aspects of the human spirit. Every week, Tippett talks to writers, scientists, poets, activists and theologians from an array of faiths who have all opened themselves up to her compassionate yet searching conversations.

In times like these, it’s easy to lose track of what keeps us grounded in the human experience. Join us for an enlightening conversation with one of America’s luminaries as she discusses her fiercely hopeful vision for humanity in these uncertain times.


Photo by Chris Daniels

Image - Krista Tippett
Krista Tippett
Founder and CEO, The On Being Project; Host, "On Being" and "Becoming Wise"; Curator, The Civil Conversations Project
Image - sujatha baliga
In Conversation with sujatha baliga
Director of the Restorative Justice Project, Impact Justice; 2019 MacArthur Fellow