Jonah Goldberg: The Fight for American Liberty

According to conservative journalist Jonah Goldberg, American liberty is under threat like never before. More and more often we are hearing about liberty being on the decline or—even more frightening—that it is dying. As authoritarianism and nationalism are revitalized across the globe, tribalism and identity politics have come to dominate political discourse at home. But why is this happening? And who is at fault for the weakening of Western political values?

Goldberg lauds the idea that liberal democratic capitalism has been built into the American constitution, but he argues we are breaking down that radical success on both sides of the aisle. Join a provocative conversation on how we may be killing our own democracy and how a leading conservative voice sees a way out though a return to the ideals that Goldberg explains once built our modern civilization.

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Jonah Goldberg

Senior Editor, National Review; Fellow, American Enterprise Institute; Contributor, Fox News; Author, Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy

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Mina Kim

Anchor and Host, KQED—Moderator