Inside Isis and the Making of the New York Times' “Caliphate”

Join Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times journalist, as she recounts her months-long experience as it unfolded in “Caliphate,” her audio series from the producers of “The Daily.” San Francisco-based New York Times cybersecurity correspondent Sheera Frenkel will moderate a discussion with Callimachi and reporter Andy Mills, who joined her on one trip to Iraq, where they were embedded with troops, slept on the roofs of abandoned buildings, and searched for and uncovered invaluable ISIS documents. They will be joined by expert Mohammed M. Hafez, a specialist in Islamist movements and political violence, who chairs the National Security Affairs Department of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

DISCLAIMER: Since this program took place in May 2018, The New York Times has retracted the core of the Caliphate podcast. The program is still available for watching and listening

Rukmini Callimachi
Reporter and Host of “Caliphate,” The New York Times
Andy Mills
Reporter, The New York Times
Image - Frenkel
Sheera Frenkel
Reporter, The New York Times—Moderator
Image - Hafez
Mohammed M. Hafez, Ph.D.
Chair, National Security Affairs Department at the Naval Postgraduate School