Humankindness and Health Justice: Creating a More Equitable World

Health justice is one of the most important yet complicated issues facing American society. Environmental factors, policies and even systems create societal disparities that affect a person's ability to achieve their best possible health.

To ensure justice and equity in health, advocates say the country needs to address community-specific disparities, dismantle systems, and end policies that drive poor health outcomes. One way to start this important justice work is to dramatically increase access to education and overall literacy. Efforts such as addressing the increasing economic fragmentation of education, divisions of income along racial lines, and providing pathways to financial literacy serve as a foundational element in the overall health justice work ahead. Failure to address this separation and fragmentation could make health justice for our nation an elusive goal.

To address this often-overlooked connection between financial literacy and health justice, The Commonwealth Club of California and CommonSpirit Health are pleased to bring together Mellody Hobson, a highly prominent financial executive who is president and co-CEO of Ariel Investments and chair of the board of directors of Starbucks Corporation, and Lloyd Dean, CommonSpirit Health CEO and a nationally recognized leader in health care and and recognized voice for health justice.

Please join us for this rare conversation between two leading voices in health care and business about addressing health justice.


This program is part of the Humankindness & Health Justice series, generously underwritten by CommonSpirit Health Foundation.


CommonSpirir Foundation

Image - Mellody Hobson

Mellody Hobson

President and co-CEO, Ariel Investments; Chair of the Board of Directors, Starbucks Corporation

Image - Lloyd Dean

Lloyd Dean

CEO, CommonSpirit Health—Moderator