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Cleo Wade has already been called “the millennial Oprah” by New York magazine, and this talented poet is still on the rise. With hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers waiting for her next poem or artwork to drop, she’s inspiring a generation with her words and warmth.

Whether she’s advocating for women’s issues, reproductive health or LGBTQ rights or launching creative projects with her Chez Conversations art collective, Wade uses her words to empower and motivate. A combination of poems, mantras, affirmations and pep talks, her collection Heart Talk is a daily reminder to look both inward and to others for support and sustenance. Join Wade for a conversation about leveraging the power of the pen for positive impact.

Image - Wade
Cleo Wade
Poet; Activist; Author, Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for Living a Better Life
Image - Kate Greer
Kate Greer
Artist, Chez Conversation Art Collective — Moderator