Gary Kamiya, Kimberly Reyes, and Daniel Handler: Reflections of San Francisco

Over the last few decades, San Francisco has experienced radical changes with the influence of Silicon Valley, tech companies and more. Countless articles, blogs and even movies have tried to capture the complex nature of what San Francisco has become, a place millions of people have loved to call home, and yet are compelled to consider leaving.

In the new book The End of the Golden Gate, 25 acclaimed writers take on the eternal question: "Should I stay or should I go?" Subjects include: the tech-industry invasion and the evolution, gentrification, and radical cost of living that has transformed San Francisco's most beloved neighborhoods; the lasting imprint of the 1960s counterculture movement; and the fight to preserve the art, music and other creative movements that make San Francisco forever the city of love.

Come hear the compelling thoughts of three of the book's contributors: journalist and historian Gary Kamiya; poet, essayist and cultural critic Kimberly Reyes; and writer and musician Daniel Handler, also well known as Lemony Snicket.

A percentage of the book proceeds will be given to charities that help those in the bay experiencing homelessness.


Handler photo by Meredith Heuer; Reyes photo by Demetriad Studio.

Image - Gary Kamiya

Gary Kamiya

Journalist; Historian; Contributor, The End of the Golden Gate

Image - Kimberly Reyes

Kimberly Reyes

Poet; Essayist; Cultural Critic; Contributor, The End of the Golden Gate

Image - Daniel Handler

Daniel Handler

Writer; Musician; A.K.A. Lemony Snicket: Contributor, The End of the Golden Gate

Image - Heather Knight

In Conversation with Heather Knight

Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle