Destination Health: The Private Sector’s Role in Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the devastating effects and tragic loss of life from COVID-19 persist 18 months after the global pandemic began, the world is desperate to end this public health crisis.

As businesses across industries are rolling out varying degrees of vaccine, testing, and masking mandates, President Biden announced the requirement for federal workers, medium and large employers, and health-care staff to be vaccinated. Working together and partnering with government and community leaders, the private sector plays a role in helping to close the vaccination gap in our workforce and communities.

What can the business community do to stop this pandemic? What is the private sector’s role in helping keep our communities safe? How are organizations responding to local, state and federal mandates? What processes are working and not working? What will it take to return to a strong and stable economy? Join a panel of business leaders across industries discussing opportunities to address this public health crisis and how we can work together to end it.


This program is generously supported by our partner Kaiser Permanente.


Kaiser Permanente

Image - Greg A. Adams
Greg A. Adams
Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Kaiser Permanente
Image - Brett Hart of United Airlines
Brett Hart
President, United Airlines
Image - Molly Moon Neitzel
Molly Moon Neitzel
CEO, Molly Moon Homemade Ice Cream
Image - Stephen Parodi
Stephen Parodi
Executive Vice President, The Permanente Federation; National Infectious Disease Leader, Kaiser Permanente
Image - Jim Wunderman
Jim Wunderman
President and CEO, Bay Area Council
Image - Raj Mathai
Raj Mathai
News Anchor, NBC Bay Area—Moderator