David Bodanis: Einstein’s Big Mistake and Voltaire’s Brilliant Mistress

Join us virtually for a conversation with David Bodanis, Zooming in from London, to discuss his ideas about how the COVID-19 pandemic will influence the future of the world economy, how Einstein grappled with having made a major mistake in trying to solve a physics problem, how Madame du Chatelet, the French aristocrat and married translator of Newton’s works, partnered on her intellectual pursuits with her lover Voltaire, how electricity was changed from a mere curiosity to a transformational force for civilization, and how he got interested in his latest book project, The Art of Fairness: The Power of Decency in a World Gone Mean, which is due out in November.

Hear a master storyteller describe the power of ideas that transform civilizations.


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Image - David Bodanis

David Bodanis

Futurist, Public Speaker, Author of Einstein’s Greatest Mistake and Passionate Minds

Image - George Hammond

In conversation with George Hammond

Author of Conversations With Socrates