CNN's Jim Sciutto: Russia, China, and the Next World War

A new global competition is taking place, and CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto draws on his reporting from the front lines of political hotspots and warzones across the globe to explain history unfolding in front of us.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was the beginning of the beginning. Three decades later, Jim Sciutto said on CNN’s air as the Ukraine war began, that we are living in a “1939 moment.” The global order as we have long known it is now gone. Great powers are reinvigorated and determined to assert dominance on the world stage. As it escalates, this new order will affect everyone across the globe. Peace has been shattered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but in reality, this affects every corner of our world—from Helsinki to Beijing, from Australia to the North Pole. This is a battle with many fronts: on the Arctic floor, in the oceans and across the skies, and in cyberspace.

Sciutto argues that we are witnessing the return of great power conflict, “a definitive break between the post–Cold War era and an entirely new and uncertain one.” The world order that marked the last 30 years is shifting, and Sciutto will explain the realities of this new post–post–Cold War era, the increasingly aligned Russian and Chinese governments, and the flashpoint of a new, global nuclear arms race. He poses a question: that as we consider uncertain outcomes, we ask whether the West and Russia and China can prevent a new world war.


Sciutto photo courtesy CNN.

Image - Jim Sciutto

Jim Sciutto

Anchor and Chief National Security Analyst, CNN; Author, The Return of Great Powers: Russia, China, and the Next World War

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In Conversation with Steven Boyd Saum

Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Content, Saint Mary’s College