Brief But Spectacular Stories

In a time so divided, it can be hard to find connections that can bring us together. Ironically, it’s our differences—the intrinsic uniqueness of individuals—that have the greatest capacity to unite us. The “PBS NewsHour” weekly segment “Brief But Spectacular,” created by Steve Goldbloom, tells the unique stories of individuals from all walks of life. These stories give us the opportunity to go beyond ideology and politics and focus on the aspects of life that impact us all. 

Join Goldbloom and two of Brief’s most popular guests as they explore authenticity and empathy in a curated, polarized world. You’ll see Flossie Lewis’ take on growing old with grace as well as author and poet Mahogany Browne’s powerful delivery of her poem “Black Girl Magic.” After, Browne, Goldbloom and Lewis will all share the stage with Lauren Schiller and provide us with insight on how to impact the lives of those around us.

Image - Goldbloom
Steve Goldbloom
Producer; Creator, “Brief But Spectacular” on “PBS NewsHour”; Twitter @stevegoldbloom
Image - Lewis
Flossie Lewis
Writer, Retired Bay Area Teacher
Image - Browne
Mahogany L. Browne
Poet; Author, Black Girl Magic; Organizer; Educator; Twitter @mobrowne
In Conversation with Lauren Schiller
Host, “The Inflection Point” on KALW and PRX; Twitter @laschiller