Buzzwords like blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin are popping up in every news outlet and in casual conversation—but if you’re not an insider, do you actually know how it works? INFORUM wants to make sure this new technology feels more accessible and understandable to all, and we’ve got lots of questions we want to get answered.
Join top blockchain journalist Laura Shin as she digs into the burgeoning field and asks all our burning questions to Kathryn Haun, a leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space known for being a clear and candid “explainer.” It’s time to clarify this murky world and ensure you can both throw the buzzwords around and engage more deeply with this technology. Start thinking of your questions now! A few of ours include…

  • What IS cryptocurrency?

  • What IS blockchain?

  • Why do either of those things matter now, or in the future? Are they safe?

  • What is an ICO? What does ‘mining’ mean?

  • Should I buy cryptocurrency? If

This program is the first in a series exploring blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the future of this technology—we hope you’ll come back for more.

Image - Kathryn Haun

Kathryn Haun

Former Federal Prosecutor, U.S. Department of Justice; Lecturer in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business; Board of Directors, Coinbase

Image - Laura Shin

Laura Shin

Journalist; Podcast Host—Moderator