15th Annual Mineta National Transportation Policy Summit—Beyond the Pump: Rethinking Transportation Funding Without the Fuel Tax

While the climate benefits from booming electric vehicle sales, the nation’s transportation system faces an unfortunate predicament: less gasoline and diesel purchased means dwindling fuel tax revenue. Fuel tax revenue provides a core funding source for operating, maintaining, and improving transportation systems, so policymakers must find a replacement as soon as possible.

This event explores such options as mileage fees, higher annual vehicle fees, or abandoning the user-pay principle and relying on general fund revenue.


This program is supported by the Mineta Transportation Institute at San José State University.



Image - Asha Weinstein Agrawal

MTI Tax Survey Presenter: Asha Weinstein Agrawal

Ph.D., Director, MTI National Transportation Finance Center

Image - Carlos Braceras

Carlos Braceras

Executive Director, Utah Department of Transportation

Image - Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

Senior Fellow, Eno Center for Transportation

Image - Ed Sniffen

Ed Sniffen

Director, Hawaii Department of Transportation

Image - Tim Gatz

Tim Gatz

Executive Director, Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Image - David “Davey” S. Kim

Panel Moderator: David “Davey” S. Kim

Senior Vice President & Principal, National Transportation Policy and Multimodal Strategy, WSP

Additional Speakers TBA