Image - Zerlina Maxwell
Image - Zerlina Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell: The End of White Politics

Zerlina Maxwell is an expert on the divisions plaguing the liberal left. As an MSNBC political analyst and staffer on both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaigns, Maxwell witnessed firsthand the successes and failures of the Democratic party’s attempt to unify voters. Now with the 2020 election boiled down to two older white male candidates, she is asking liberals to take an introspective look at why they have been unable to engage women and people of color for years.

Maxwell’s new book, The End of White Politics: How to Heal Our Liberal Divide, asks progressives to hold themselves accountable for their own racist and misogynist blindspots while also challenging them to do better by their constituents. She argues that by leaning into a more diverse landscape in American politics, every single citizen would benefit.

Join us at INFORUM, where Maxwell will give us her vision on the future of the Democratic Party and how she thinks there may still be time to save it.

Image - Zerlina Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell

Co-Host, SiriusXM’s "Signal Boost"; Commentator, MSNBC; Author, The End of White Politics: How to Heal Our Liberal Divide

Image - Darnell Moore

Darnell Moore

Director of Inclusion for Content and Marketing, Netflix; Author, No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black and Free in America—Moderator