Image - women and work illustration
Image - women and work illustration

Women in the Workplace: 'The Great Breakup' and How Companies Can Support Women Leaders

The pandemic changed the workplace, possibly forever. And, in a time when the war for talent is critical, the stakes are even higher. Now in its eighth year, the latest benchmark annual report on "Women in the Workplace" by McKinsey & Company and finds that we are in the middle of “The Great Breakup.” Women managers are leaving their corporate jobs at the highest rate in years—and at a much higher rate than men. Women executives say they are seeking more flexibility, better opportunities for advancement, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Join us to hear from women leaders about what they are seeing firsthand, and why corporations need to prioritize employee well-being to better retain female talent. If companies don’t take action, they won’t just lose their women leaders; they could risk losing the next generation of women leaders, too.

Image - Beverly Anderson

Beverly Anderson

President and CEO, BECU (the fourth largest credit union in the United States)

Image - Alexis Krivkovich

Alexis Krivkovich

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; Co-founder and author, "Women in the Workplace" Report

Image - Mary Huss

Mary Huss

President and Publisher, San Francisco Business Times; Member, Board of Governors, The Commonwealth Club of California—Moderator

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