Commonwealth National Podcast

Wallace Stegner Centennial: A look at the legacy of legendary author Wallace Stegner (2/18/2009)


Philip Fradkin, Author, Wallace Stegner and the American West
Page Stegner, Author; Professor of Literature, UC Santa Cruz
Nancy Packer, Writer; Professor Emerita of Creative Writing, Stanford University

“We need wilderness preserved – as much of it as is still left, and as many kinds – because it was the challenge against which our character as a people was formed,” said Wallace Stegner in a famous 1960 letter. He was a fervent admirer and advocate of nature, often writing about the West. He also started the creative writing department at Stanford. Join us to learn about a legend from those who knew him.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on February 18, 2009.